What to Do and See in Tallahassee, Florida

Are you an individual who enjoys traveling and adventure? When you arrive at your destination, do you yearn to explore all there is to do and see within that particular location? If you are traveling to Florida soon, no doubt that viewpoint has not changed. In this article, we will discuss what there is to do and see when in Tallahassee, Florida!

1. Museum of Florida

If you are a person who enjoys visiting museums, you definitely won’t want to miss the Museum of Florida. The museum is based on not only the history of Florida once it became an American state, but its prehistory as well. Artifacts, paintings, and exhibits are all designed to provide visitors with knowledge of Florida and the various cultures that have been in place on the land throughout time. This definitely something to do and see while you are in Tallahassee.

2. The Alfred B. Maclay Park

A garden state park, the Alfred B. Maclay location is a wonderful place to visit while you are in the capitol of Florida. The park is not only a botanical garden, but a historical site as well. The gardens were begun in the year 1923 when Alfred B. Maclay and his wife purchased the property. Mister Maclay continued to develop these gardens until his death. Today, you can see such beautiful plants and trees such as the oriental magnolia, jasmine, mountain laurel, bald cypress, and much more. If garden beauty is something that you enjoy, give this park a visit while you are in Tallahassee.

3. Mission San Luis

Mission San Luis was a mission that was built in Florida within the year 1633. It was intended by Spain to help colonize the area, and introduce the local Native American to Christianity. Today, the recreation of the 17th-century village is open to the public on the mission’s soil. Not only can you tour the property, but if you are planning a wedding in Florida, receptions are held here as well.

If you are planning a vacation that will take you to Tallahassee, Florida, there is a wide variety of things you can do and see during your visit. While we by no means covered everything Florida’s capitol has to offer, you’ll be sure to enjoy seeing the site of an old Spanish mission, browsing a lovely botanical garden, or exploring the contents of a museum. You’ll be glad you did!